C-Smile® T1

The C-Smile® T1 is a safe, comfortable and transparent mask that enables human interaction and improves patient outcomes

Transforming quality of care

The C-Smile T1 transparent mask is specifically designed to prevent infection transmission by filtering inhaled and exhaled air, through the patent-protected chin system.

It protects, whilst enhancing communication with colleagues, and patients, who have hearing difficulties, are deaf, have cognitive problems such as dementia, and those with learning disabilities.

C-Smile T1 Face Mask
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Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥98%
Comparative protection to Type IIR masks
Anti-fog panoramic window for expression visibility
Conformable comfort bands for a snug fit
Patent pending filtration system allows compact size
Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK

Experience the next generation...

We believe the C-Smile T1 transparent mask speaks for itself.  Contact us to request samples or arrange a product demonstration.

Technical specifications

The C-Smile T1 transparent mask is a certified class 1 medical device.

It meets relevant clauses of BS EN 14683:2019 & BS EN 166:2002, as specified within the Transparent Face Mask Specification