We are a team of innovators who manufacture next-generation equipment and services. By challenging the status quo and ignoring industrial-legacy, our devices utilize the latest in material technology to give healthcare what it deserves. Success boosts our investment in sustainability and people, fuelling our growth as a global force for good.


Transformed healthcare delivery through enhanced human interaction.


To revolutionise the quality of global healthcare, by protecting staff and patients with devices designed specifically for comfort, effectiveness and communication.  Care givers and patient interaction is at the very heart of everything, and our mission is to protect them with the best.

Healthcare is in our DNA

Ectovise is a subsidiary brand of PolarSeal, an established healthcare manufacturer with state-of-art facilities and processes. PolarSeal believes healthcare professionals and patients deserve better than industrially-influenced PPE and is delivering this through Ectovise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ectovise revolves around people and human interaction. Our product success ensures we continue to progress as a force for good, positively impacting lives of the worldwide community.

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As a next-generation brand, Ectovise is pioneering the future of sustainable healthcare protection. We continue to make huge breakthroughs in material & process technology that will revolutionise the industry. Ectovise production sites also operate in the UK, on 100% renewable energy.

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